We just celebrated the start of the new year. How was 2021 for Policart?

2021 ended perfectly in line with the successful trend of previous years with double-digit growth in terms of turnover and new market shares. During the year, we revised upward forecasts twice, but we complied with all spending budgets and margins.

Policart’s approach based on service and technical support to final customers has been appreciated and will represent the key factor for the success even for the future.

The other key factors are capacity, time to market and research & development to be able to meet demanding needs of the market. The partnership with EOS group signed at the end of November 2021 is in the direction of further strengthening these strategic factors.

Policart is already present in more than 70 geographical areas of the world and this is a great success to be proud of. Can you tell us where Policart has grown the most and what are the goals for 2022?

We have been growing generally in all the markets, both in recent new markets like Mexico and traditional markets like Turkey and Europe in general. Policart ambition is to be present everywhere directly or through our partners. Our goal for 2022 will be to strengthen our presence on the American continent.

It was not an easy year for the world economy, but can we say that 2021 has shown positive results for Policart?

Working within the Corrugated Board Industry that never stopped even during Pandemic for sure helped, but a great job has been made by Policart sales, production and logistics network to support our customers during the last 2 years granting continuity of deliveries and prompt intervention during the peaks of the international crisis.

What awaits us in 2022?

The scenario we have in front of us is characterized by two variables: the speed with which events occur (i.e. increase in the costs of raw materials and cost of electricity) and uncertainty (lack of raw materials, evolution of the pandemic, increase in inflation). Policart responds with confidence to these threats by investing in strategic assets, human capital, new production spaces, new technologies and new more sustainable products such as the Mboca Free line. All this to ensure greater professionalism, quality and top-level services.

Recently Policart signed an important strategic agreement, what does it mean and what will it mean for Policart’s future?

For sure the partnership with EOS group means shared synergies (technical, productive, logistics, investments). With this agreement we have created the conditions for a more structured and consolidated growth to the advantage also of the supply chain because we will be stronger still in guaranteeing greater production capacity, worldwide customers proximity, quality and an even higher competence around the Rotary Die-Cutting process.

Synergies in strategic purchasing will help us to reduce the impact of the sharp increase in the price of raw materials. As in recent years and thanks to this agreement, Policart will continue to engage itself with greater force to maintain an excellent relationship between quality, price and service offered.

What will be the impact of this agreement in terms of market strategy?

The agreement with EOS in no way affects the structure of the companies which of course will remain independent and which will pursue their respective progress with their differences, their leaders, their teams, their products. The two companies will maintain their own commercial networks, their local engagement, and their own specific characteristics.

I take this opportunity to wish all our customers, our partners, our colleagues a successful 2022. It will be a difficult year, but together we will overcome common challenges!