Anvil-Blanket cover for rotary die cutting. Policart anvil covers are designed with the operator in mind. They contain no metal parts whatsoever, meaning that you can enhance your rotations without the fear and risk of damaging the anvil covers. Having a boltless locking section, this enables the anvil cover to be mounted quicker than ever, and at any location along the die cutting cylinder. The inter-locking design guarantees a strong and tight fit, and is easy to remove from the cylinder, vital for fast and efficient rotations. The urethane material is developed for performance and longevity. Many customers experience significant gains from using Policart anvil covers, ranging from improved trim waste ejection, increased machine speeds, better perforation definition and less rotation downtime. Double Width Anvil Covers Developed for speed and ease of mounting, our double width anvil covers are now available for most die cutting machinery, cutting the number of covers by 50 percent on the cylinder enables even quicker rotations.



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  • Boltless mounting for quick and easy installation and rotation enable positioning of the blankets in any location along the cylinder.
  • Finger lock mounting guarantees a strong and tight fit of the blanket around the cylinder and prevents rule insertion in the seam.
  • Fiberglass backing for quick mounting and easy rotation also prevents damage and injuries.
  • Innovative polyurethane mixture for: resistance to wear resulting in long lifetime; superior surface to crease against; easy to grind.
  • Available in standard width, double width, customized width.
  • Available in hundreds of diameters to fit perfectly on any machine.
  • Available customized puzzle/jig-saw-joint for better and easier fitting.
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