JUNE 2022

ACiMGA – the association of Italian manufacturers of machines for the graphics, paper converting and paper industry – last May released a report on foreign trade data for the period 2022.

The report indicates a slight decrease in exports (-2.6% compared to 2020) for a total value of 90.8 million euros. The decrease is double-digit in Asia and Europe, while in America there is a strong growth in purchases of Italian machinery. Quite the contrary, imports increase by one and a half times.

More specifically, Europe, which absorbs 50.9% of total exports, records a decrease of 10.9%; on the other hand, Asia, with a share of 13.4% of total exports, the decline was 15.3%.

The American situation is clearly divided in two, however, in both cases with a positive sign: in Central and South America there is a + 152% and in North America, on the other hand, only + 4.7%.

In order by turnover value, the Italian outlet markets are:

  • United States with 19 million;
  • Turkey with 7.3 million;
  • Germany with 7.1 million;

followed by Russia, which shows particularly high export growth (+ 245%), and the United Kingdom.

While exports to Italy drop, imports instead increase, reaching + 147% for a total value of 55.3 million euros. Purchases from Asia increased threefold, while those from Europe and America double.

European suppliers for Italy cover a share of about 70% and the value of imports has increased by 133%, while from Asia – which has a share of 27% – Italy has increased imports by 208%.

In order, the major suppliers for Italy are:

  • Germany with 15.4 million;
  • China with 8.2 million;
  • France with 5.7 million;
  • Japan with 5.1 million.