As we have written several times on our blog, the corrugated cardboard packaging market is growing very rapidly, especially due to the increase in online sales.

Smither’s new study on the future of corrugated packaging 2023 tells us that the market is growing by 3.7% and will reach 300 billion in the next two years. The electronics sector will push demand more.

The e-commerce sector is estimated to grow by 20% in Europe alone. This strong growth will have a huge impact on the packaging sector, considering that 80% of this is made up of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Until recently, products were packaged in perfectly square corrugated cartons, varying in size depending on the content. However, not all products fit perfectly in a universal box.

This technology enables the production of customized secondary packaging based on the exact dimensions of the product to be packaged, including irregular shapes. This allows sellers to avoid large inventory of boxes and minimize filler materials.

By introducing this new technology, we must expect a number of benefits, including:

  • Corrugated quantity reduction of 28%;
  • A reduction of the filling material of 80-90%;
  • 20-35% more savings than conventional supply chains;
  • Reduction of manpower up to 75%;

At the moment, only 7% of companies make their packaging with this technology, but online sales growth forecasts point to rapid growth of this technology. For this reason, large-scale changes in the packaging industry will be needed very soon.