In recent years, industry and consumers have developed greater awareness and attention to eco-sustainability by changing production processes and purchasing habits.

The pandemic has, in all likelihood, accelerated this process that has already been in place for some time and oriented purchases towards increasingly sustainable packaging and products.

The increased demand for plastic-free packaging has driven sales of industrial paper packaging machines, for which an increase in volumes is expected from Italy to the + 50% foreign markets. In fact, it is estimated that by 2024 exports will reach 138 million euros compared to 89 million in 2019.

The Acimga observatory (the Association of Italian manufacturers of machines for the graphic, paper, paper, converting and similar industries of which Policart became a member last June) has highlighted these data which in its forecast model has taken into account data from the International Monetary Fund and historical data from UN Comtrade, Eurostat and the US Census Bureau.

More in detail, despite the decline during the pandemic, 2021 will record an increase in volumes on international markets exceeding 100 million euros, up to – according to forecasts – 138 million in 2024, this would allow Italy to pass from seventh to fifth in the world ranking of the major producers in the sector.

The hope is to continue to maintain a share in the high and medium-high price range markets towards which 90% of exports are concentrated and for which, over the next five years, exports are expected to increase from the current ones 12 to 22 million euros in 2024.

“For Policart, which is part of this supply chain, it is a great satisfaction to know that the internal sector enjoys such intense growth on foreign markets. – says Dario Tassi , Sales Director and Policart Shareholder – Policart is well positioned on foreign markets and we are pleased that the entire sector is making more and more progress, advancing the Made in Italy of which we are so proud.”