Source: International Paper Board Industry | December 2021

Policart is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of polyurethane components for the manufacturing and converting of Corrugated Board. Product perfomance is not the only secret of its success.“Sustainability, low environmental impact, safety in the workplace are widely accepted concepts. These values cannot be ignored, but must also be addressed with the correct information to develop our longterm strategy and commitment to environmental, corporate and social responsibilities”, says Dario

Why Policart’s decision to adopt the Mboca Free logo?

As part of an overall strategy, Policart started five years ago the development of Anvil Covers with a new prepolymer and curative with a lower sustainable and environmental impact. Policart Mboca Free urethane has very good physical characteristics. The results have been tested and proven both in the laboratory, through vigorous testing at Policart and on large scale trials and testing by end users. These results give Policart the oppotunity to join the Mboca Free supplier councils, certification of the results obtained after many investments for the good of the customer.

What does the adoption of the Mboca Free logo mean for Policart?

Our first priority is the health of our workers and respect for the environment. Policart continues to control and enhance its environmental performance and resiliance with the complianace to ECHA regulations. For this reason, in the next months Policart will promote a wide range of Mboca Free products, now easily identifiable thanks to the logo. The logo will certify the commitment, with our Anvil Cover, No-crush wheels and other PU consumables, toward a true sustainability for the enviroment and workplaces.

Will anvil covers manufactured with mboca disappear on European and UK markets?

Probably, not. The limitations or prohibition on the use of will Mboca only be limited to polyurethane manufacturers within the European Community and UK. This will not affect polyurethane converters outside the European Community and UK who will be able to continue to use Mboca. This obviously raises an ethical issue regarding the safety of workers in the polyurethane processing industry outside the European Union and overall sustainability issue. In any case, the future is definitely Mboca Free and it is the duty of those who are market leaders to set a good example for the market followers. Sooner or later all the countries of the world will take the same decisions. What was discussed last month at COP 26 in Glasgow will have an impact on our lives, but it is also our individual choices that have an impact on the quality of the environment around us.

What does sustainability mean for Policart?

Apart from Mboca, Policart continues to identifying opportuntities to lead by example with regard to the Planet and People, we are fully committed to making a positive impact through outstanding environmental sustainability performance. Stay tuned for the next steps!